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Explore the World Threads Product Line: An Overview

World Threads specializes in acquisition and sale of unique hand-made thread art and other finely crafted gift items from the Far East. In so doing, we strive to promote a culture of appreciation for traditionally produced art work and empower the artists to carry on, and hand down, their methods to future generations.

Below, we've presented a brief overview of each of the product categories we import and sell. The links above will provide you with more complete information about a specific art form.


Currently, items are available through the World Threads boutique in New Carlisle, Ohio - and very soon, will be offered to customers wishing to purchase on-line. Wholesale inquiries are always welcome.

When considering a purchase of any of our imports, please bear in mind that most of the items in our collections are one-of-a-kind pieces. In some cases - as in our Embroidered Paintings - we may be able to arrange for Custom Orders based on your specifications (additional details).

Embroidery Paintings

When you first view this thread art you think you are looking at an
abundantly textured painting. On closer examination you see that the scene is richly rendered in fine silk thread on a cotton canvas. Each piece in our collection is matted with Thai silk and handsomely framed. [ Additional Information ]

The artists we work with may also be commissioned for custom embroidered paintings of your photographs, or for reproductions of various of the works shown in our store and online Gallery


Tapestry and Scarves

Exquisite textiles are significant in every facet of life in Laos and a Laotian woman working at her loom is a major symbol of Laos. In many villages, a productive and skilled weaver not only commands a great deal of respect, but contributes to her family's income through her craft.

Although most of the items you will find in our collection come from Laos, we also carry a fine selection of woven textiles from other countries.
[ Additional Information ]


Pashmina Scarves

All our pashmina scarves and shawls are imported from India.

Pashmina yarn is too delicate for weaving on power looms, and shawls and
scarves are therefore created on handlooms. The weaving process is in
and of itself an art form which has been passed down over generations.



Silk Scarves from Thailand

Fun and fashionable!

These lightweight - and surprisingly affordable - silk scarves
will both keep you warm and show the world that you
have a good eye for fashion. [ Additional Information ]



Lacquer Ware

Lacquer art has been finely developed in Asia, and especially in Vietnam. The village where
our collection originates has nine artisans that specialize in exceptionally intricate work.

The sap from the lacquer tree (rhus succedanea) is harvested in much the same manner
as rubber is collected from the rubber tree. The traditional lacquer technique was originally
used to make household décor, but now it also includes fine lacquer paintings. [ Additional Information ]



Ornamental Fans

These exquisite fans from Thailand are fashioned using sequined, beaded-silk imported from India, then hand-applied to a folding bamboo frame.

They come with a cover of the same textile as the fan and are attractively displayed on an accompanying stand where one can admire their unique delicate art work.
[ Additional Information ]



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