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Vietnamese Lacquer Ware

North of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) lie the lacquer ware villages of Vietnam where local artisans produce the finest lacquer products in Southeast Asia - and have been doing so for centuries.

The age-old tradition of harvesting lacquer to preserve delicate paintings and other art forms dates back more than twenty centuries. It was then that early Vietnamese artisans discovered how to use the protective juices they gathered from the Rhus Succedanea tree, a sumac of South East Asia, and convert the oleoresins into a slow-drying natural lacquer.

Obtaining lacquer and crafting lacquer ware is a painstaking process that requires knowledge, patience, excellent craftsmanship and skill. Expert artisans have passed on their time-honored techniques from generation to generation, perfecting the long and intricate process of lacquer ware production.

Each practical and striking piece is entirely handcrafted in multiple, time-consuming steps, and finished by being polished to a deep, gleaming shine. The final product must be pleasing to the eye and not lack in quality of design, usefulness or durability. Our photo gallery sheds some interesting insight into the painstaking-process involved in hand-crafting each piece we offer. With proper care these beautiful pieces of art should last for centuries.

World Threads makes every effort to locate artists whose dedication to the traditional and contemporary handcrafted works is obvious from the quality of their products. We have also endeavored to cultivate long term relationships with these artists and small shops so as to give their products a global market.

Our collection consists of lacquer boxes, vases, bowls, covered jars and beautifully designed lacquer pictures.


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