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Ornamental Fans from Thailand

Ayuthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand, has long been known for its superior art forms. World Threads recently committed to a contract with a consortium of local Thai artists that specialize in making beautiful hand-held folding fans.

These fans are fashioned using beaded and sequined silk fabric imported from India and applied to a folding bamboo frame. The fans come with a matching textile cover and are attractively displayed in a stand where one can admire the uniqueness of their delicate art work.

The mystery of a face behind a fan evokes curiosity about what is hidden or even forbidden to view. Historically, using a fan confirmed your status in society, and of course, the fans can also be used today as a fashion statement.

These fans can also be used as party favors, bridal party gifts, or as a complement to a wedding dress and are small enough to place in a purse or a briefcase.

Care of Folding Fans

Although hand fans are very delicate - but still sturdy enough for use - they should be used with care. Proper care of a fan includes the following:

  • Open and close your fan slowly. If you apply too much pressure you could cause damage.
  • Take care in placing your fan in your purse or briefcase as they can easily be punctured by a pen or other sharp object.
  • Do not place anything heavy, such as a camera, over top of your fan.
  • Use the cover to protect the fan.
  • Never let the fan get wet, and as much as possible, keep it away from heat and humidity.
  • If you have your fan(s) on display, treat them as you would other pieces of art by avoiding direct sunlight, excess heat and humidity.

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