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A Few Words About World Threads

World Threads is a socially responsible importer of exquisitely crafted needlework and textiles from around the world. Each piece we offer is uniquely hand-stitched or hand woven by skilled artisans employing the centuries-old traditional methods we work diligently to preserve. Additionally, we carry a modest selection of decorative objets d'art and collectibles representative of the wide range of talents found in the areas we visit.

A Reputation for Fairness with Strong Ties to Local Economies

In a world that focuses more and more on the globalization of trade - and the bland uniformity of goods and products that follows from that - it's more important than ever that traditional crafts and artworks be preserved. This can only be achieved through fair compensation and strong support of local artists and crafts persons.

Because of our reputation for negotiating equitable compensation and promoting local economies, over the years we've developed deep roots within the small markets of the countries we visit and have strong ties inside the local culture.

Preservation of Traditional Methods and Artwork

Highly conscious of the issues related to preserving local trades and crafts, World Threads works diligently to foster a sustainable lifestyle that is conducive to preserving the traditional arts and crafts of the cultures we visit. We accomplish this in several ways:

  • We buy directly from the artist. By going directly into the craft villages and purchasing our products from the trades people that produce them, we avoid middlemen and are able to pay artisans a fair price that is more than they receive from local merchants.
  • We extend the local market. Through distribution within our own retail and wholesale markets, we provide traditional artists with a means of getting their products into the international market place. Greater exposure, improved compensation and consumer education all combine to promote and preserve cultural diversity.
  • Our clients benefit too! Because there are no middlemen involved in our transactions, World Threads is able to offer exquisite works of art at a very fair price to our customers and provide them with an opportunity to acquire unique pieces they might otherwise not be able to access.








When you shop with World Threads, you're not only acquiring a stunning piece of artwork for your home or office - you're also doing a world of good.


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